An Ultimate Beverage Experience

The Black Box is your new go-to mobile beverage bar that elevates any event into an unforgettable drinking experience with special cocktails curated by our world-class bartenders! We provide you with handcrafted drinks that fits your story, suits your personality and perfect for your taste profile. Imagine being able to provide your guests the perfect drink for the occasion - fully customised from the taste to the cocktail names event to the perfect music to set the mood. 

Customized Gifting

Thinking of the perfect way to say "Thank you" or "Will you be my Maid of Honor"?

We can curate the perfect gift that says it all!

The Mobile Bar Experience

The Black Box provides an unforgettable beverage experience with its unique mobile bars for your guests to enjoy perfectly curated drinks and music to set the mood. 

We can show you a really good time & we let you experience a truly good drink.

We promise not to make bright colorful shots or those sweet unlimited drinks that’s just sweet.

Affordable Liquor Supplier

We provide you an exclusive access to distributor-priced liquors.

We give you a drink you deserve.
We create perfect drink for you.
We are redefining the new standard of get-together and celebrations.

Feel a good experience
Our Specialties

We sometimes get asked, "What's your signature drink?". We don't have one. We make you one.

Whisky Sour

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Aperol Spritz

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Frozen GBS

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Bee's Knees

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The Black

Box Bar

As we grew older, and probably a million drinks after, we knew exactly what it meant to have a proper drink in your hand.

We are celebrating you.

Your cocktail has to be about you. Because it’s your day.

The taste of old world style drinks made by the best bartenders in town.


Our Team
Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

One of the things we enjoyed the most was having a good drink (or drinks rather) with good company. Getting together has always been something we would look forward to whether it was a regular day and especially when we are celebrating something together. Ultimately, we know how to have a gooood time.

Lester Ligon
Head Bartender

He was Diageo's World Class Bartender of 2018, representing the Philippines competing against 57 countries.

Nikki & Nel
Sales, Marketing & operations

They has been corporate slaves for more than 10 years, spending most of those years in the beverage industry working with brands like Johnnie Walker, Heineken, & Hoegaarden.

Your signature cocktail tells your story in the most enjoyable way possible.